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New ArrivalsSheer Mesh Lingerie • Chic Bondage • Colorful Couture Latex

Our latest arrivals feature the SS20 collection from Taryn Winters, the Rouge collection from German designer Fräulein Kink, colorful latex from Syren Latex, stripey sheer French lingerie by Maison Close, and bespoke leather lingerie sets by HOS Leather.

Taryn Winters

A New York designer, born in the costume closet of her childhood ballet studios, Taryn Winters illuminates femininity and grace with her unique and elegant designs. The designer defines her classical training with delicate details and attention to beauty. With various mediums and materials, she understands the importance of organic movement and its relations to exquisite lines and what it means to design for a woman.

Maison Close

Maison Close takes up the challenge of luxury lingerie. Sophisticated fabrics, audacious cuts and a studied finish take these creations to a new level of exception. Playing with the codes of lingerie as outerwear, these collections are more elegant than ever.

HOS Leather

H.O.S. Leather is a one woman operation focused on bespoke leather lingerie and accessories. Each garment is meticulously hand cut, a ssembled and embellished by Sky in her Northern California Studio.Sky has been honing her craft for years and was able to turn passion into profession with the launch of Haus of Sky in 2018.

“When designing this collection I started with the classic foundation pieces. Nude tones, light tulle Demi bras, and delicate picot elastic panties. These styles are similar to the practice clothes worn everyday by dancers in class or rehearsal.”

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