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New ArrivalsBallet inspired lingerie • French Luxury Lingerie • Italian Stockings

Our latest arrivals feature Italian lingerie sets and stockings by Hot Couture, edgy lingerie by Nevaeh Intimates, and new silks by Rusalka Lingerie.

Hot Couture

It’s that time of the month again. One depressing week…​You unwillingly put on your period pants out of necessity, ​and it just doesn’t feel the same as putting on your favorite lingerie. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine feeling the same excitement as choosing your new bikini, or the satisfaction when you chose your favorite lingerie when you put on your period pants. It just might transform that depressing week in to something you can enjoy.​ The unordinary transforms in to the norm.​ Bringing unwavering joy to those women who keep facing forward.​ For fashionable and functional sanitary lingerie, K +1% –​ Plus 1%​ to your Kirei (Beautiful) and Kawaii (Cute).

Nevaeh Intimates

Inspired by Pam Grier and her empowering roles, Reel Women – the latest collection from Nevaeh Intimates – combines toughness with extraordinary beauty. Calling upon gutsy, brassy, powerful, independent, females who stand up for their rights and have a fire in them to change history. Fabrics pay off this hard/soft theme through a calendar finishing technique used on our bullet embroidery, soft threads giving the effect of leather combined with a delicate sheer tulle. Sensual silhouettes with erotic undertones create an undeniable sense of sensual passion.

 The new sheer lingerie sets are exquisite examples of Hot Couture’s fine Italian craftsmanship; crafted from delicate embroidered tulle and detailed with black velvet and silk tulle underbust trim, this design provides natural hold and shaping.

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