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These exquisite pieces are made of delicate, durable lace in a range of blues, from light jade to deep turquoise.

Some of our favorites include the bespoke hand appliquéd beading on scalloped French lace sets by Taryn Winters.

“Feathers, fur and scales brush against skin, French lace and velvet trim in Darkest Fox’s latest campaign by photographer Alexandra Bochkareva with lingerie by Taryn Winters. It’s a stunning visual triptych set in St. Petersburg, Russia. Models are paired with a lynx, owl and python and set against mossy forests, a calm ocean and a city garden.”

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The Power of Blue Lingerie

The color blue has been associated with the sky, the sea, and even royalty. Blue is a color that radiates elegance and power. It’s no wonder why blue lingerie has become so popular among women looking for a sophisticated yet sexy look. Whether you’re wearing it for special occasions or treating yourself to something special, blue lingerie can give you the boost of confidence you need. Let’s explore why blue lingerie is so powerful.

Blue has been known to have a calming effect which can help reduce stress and anxiety. This calming effect can also give us more confidence in ourselves. When we feel more confident in our own skin, we begin to radiate that confidence outwardly in all aspects of our lives. Wearing blue lingerie can make us feel more empowered and beautiful, allowing us to achieve greater things with more assurance in ourselves.

A Touch of Elegance

There’s something about blue lingerie that exudes an air of sophistication and class. It adds an element of luxury to your wardrobe while still being subtly sexy at the same time. Whether you’re attending a social occasion or just getting ready for date night, blue lingerie will make you look like a goddess without having to show too much skin. You can create your own unique style by mixing and matching different pieces from various brands such as Taryn Winters, Nevaeh Intimates, and Bracli for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

A Symbol of Strength

The color blue is often associated with strength and resilience due to its ability to remain constant throughout different life experiences, both good and bad. Wearing this type of lingerie allows us to connect with that inner strength within ourselves – making it easier for us to face whatever life throws our way with grace and dignity. Additionally, wearing something as beautiful as blue lingerie helps remind us how capable we are when it comes to achieving our goals while still staying true to ourselves in the process.

Blue lingerie is truly an incredible item that every woman should have in her closet! Not only is it incredibly empowering but it also adds a touch of luxury and elegance into any outfit or social situation you may find yourself in. So don’t hesitate — find something stunning today that makes you feel like royalty!