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Best Designer Lingerie BrandsLuxury Lingerie Designer Brands We Love at Darkest Fox

Bask in bright ambience and then be lured into dark mystery as you peruse the exclusive lingerie videos created by our stunning luxury lingerie brands, while feasting your eyes on stunning fine lingerie photographs and stirring illustrations. Within each gallery, you may find a favorite new romantic lace high waisted panty, the perfect comfortable fit pure silk pajama set to gift to a dear one, or a sexy Chantilly lace bra and panty ensemble for that special occasion.

As our mission is to empower and embolden individuals to express themselves creatively and sensually, Darkest Fox furthermore is extremely proud to present custom Lookbooks – each gallery a vision brought to life by incredibly talented photographers, lingerie models, hair stylists, and markup artists, whose steadfast dedication and deft skills transform every stroke of inspiration and collective fantasy into tangible reality.

There’s nothing that quite compares to the thrill of something forbidden, is there? So let us help you choose. You might not associate luxury lingerie with the word “forbidden,” but there is something undeniably sexy about a piece of undergarment that makes you feel like you’re getting away with something. Maybe it’s because you're taking an otherwise everyday activity — like getting dressed — and making it special. Maybe it’s because wearing something so racy makes you feel powerful and confident in your own skin.

Here are some of the best luxury lingerie brands in the world, and how they’ve earned top of the class in their respective niches. As you hone in on your choices, you cannot go wrong with these top luxury lingerie brands – when a touch of luxury meets sensuality and sexiness, the result is pure magic.

“Products are both elegant and edgy — the site carries everything from kinky bondage and BDSM accessories to demure and feminine lace designs. The shop’s collections are truly curated – each brand and product hand selected so that they meet the [Darkest Fox] high standards.”

Bijoux Indiscrets

sensual lingerie accessories // designed by women for women

Bijoux Indiscrets wins our hearts for the best body jewelry brand with their Magnifique collection, featuring gold and silver kinky accessories that doubles as fashion statements. We also love Maze, a PETA-approved animal friendly collection of black vegan leather harnesses.

Shop Collection Magnifique Maze


for the most seductive women // designed & made in Spain

Our favorite brand for Spanish pearl thongs, and matching pearl lingerie sets – the brand’s founder Luis Álvarez did invent and create the pearl thong concept, after all.

Shop Collection Kyoto Manhattan London Vienna Paris

Colette & Sebastian

Colette & Sebastian

For the modern day marvel of a woman, both feminine and empowering // made in Brazil

The best bondage + lace combo sets in our pick of lingerie brands, styled with elegant Italian lace lingerie sets. Mix and match the lace lingerie with strappy harnesses for an edgy touch to your romance.

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French Fashion Bondage Brand • domestique


Founded in 2016, domestique is an atelier designing accessories and objects inspired by a reflection on desire and eroticism. Appropriating bondage-sadomasochism’s (BDSM) imagery, domestique transforms and elevates them into luxurious and insolent accessories.

Our choice for high fashion bondage accessories and beautiful leather purses, featuring exquisite jewelry which can be combined with the accessories for a unique look.

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Elissa Poppy • High Fashion Bespoke Latex

Elissa Poppy

Striving to explore the limits of creativity in high fashion under wear and outer wear. // made in the UK

Our choice for high fashion bespoke latex, featuring a Ready to Wear collection that ships in 48 hours for latex aficionados. Handmade in the UK.

Shop Collection Primitive Metamorphic Alpha Ready to Wear

Eros Veneziani

Eros Veneziani

Lingerie that is synonymous with seduction, dynamism and modernity, designed with passion and professionalism // made in Lombardy, Italy

Our choice for Italian lingerie, with fabrics sourced and all the pieces made in Italy.

Shop Collection Glossy Lifestyle Lookbook

Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink

luxury accessory brand specializing in high fashion lingerie & bondage accessories. Each item is handcrafted to order from an international team of artisans in our Berlin Atelier. // made in Berlin, Germany

Fräulein Kink is our pick for the brand with the best leather harnesses – with exquisite details like Swarvoski crystals and 18K gold hardware, this is kinky luxe lingerie at its finest.

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Bespoke Leather Lingerie by HOS Leather

H.O.S. Leather

Each garment is meticulously hand cut, assembled and embellished by Sky in her Northern California Studio. // made in Los Angeles, California

If you want something unique that will make your wardrobe instantly edgy, plus the luxury of a custom tailored piece to fit you perfectly, then check out our choice for the best bespoke leather lingerie brand, Haus of Sky Leather.

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Hot Couture • Fine Italian Haute Couture Swimwear and Lingerie

Hot Couture

Strength & elegance in which emotions are expressed through captivating lines, enhancing the nature and noble shape of the female form // made in Italy

The most luscious and innovative haute couture lingerie that we’ve ever encountered, and lucky for us, these collections are exclusive to Darkest Fox. Each piece is beautifully hand-made and custom tailored to order, a true bespoke treat.

Shop Collection Oro Balloon Claire Porto Selvaggio

Impudique de Catanzaro Designer French Lingerie


A daring game of seduction, an inflection of sensuality and finesse, with a single objective: to beautify women // made in Marseille, France

Just can’t get enough of French lingerie? Then add pieces of Impudique to your collection – all the lingerie sets and dresses are designed and made in France, with plenty of bondage harness details and embroidered tulle to make this the ultimate choice for smoldering seduction.

Shop Collection Rebelle Insoumise Audacieuse

Lelo Luna Beads


The most refined, most luxurious and most iconic objects of desire in the world, LELO has established a heritage based on quality, on unexpected innovation and on being entirely different from everything and everyone else.

The brand whose products you don’t want to hide, and maybe even show off in your interior decor. We think LELO is the best sex toy brand, with soft silicone feels on the massagers, and innovative toys like the Sona Cruise that pulses sound rather than vibrations. Items like the Ora 2 are an objet d’art in an of themselves, with a gold glint that can be your next living room conversation starter. If you really want to indulge someone, then get the Inez 24K Gold Vibrator – the most decadent item on our site.

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Les P'tites Folies

Les P’tites Folies

Lycra dresses of this enchantress collection enhances the silhouette with refined and audacious curves // made in Marseille, France

Have a date night or cocktail party coming up? Our choice for the best little black dress and bodysuits comes from this French brand, which is also designed by Patrice Catanzaro and made in France. A dash of bondage and a nod to fetish, these are no ordinary dresses – don one and you’ll be racking up compliments all night!

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Love Lorn Lingerie Tina Set

Love Lorn Lingerie

An exploration into feminism, feminity, art and fantasy // made in New York, New York

The best Art Deco lingerie brand goes to Love Lorn Lingerie – those black and gold diamond harnesses readily excite the imagination. While many other leather harness designs sit within the familiar realms of BDSM and bondage, a more delicate touch transforms them into wearable art, feminine pieces that welcome and flatter even those outside of the alternative community. Individually made to order, Love Lorn Lingerie offers customized sizing for the harnesses, lingerie and collars so everyone can wear them.

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Nevaeh Intimates

Nevaeh Intimates

Unlocking the Gates of Paradise with an elegant erotic tone // made in NYC

Celebrating the spirit and craftsmanship of New York City, our pick for the most elegant lingerie brand, Nevaeh Intimates, deeply values the concept of local production. Their meticulously curated products are completely designed, sourced, and manufactured in the heart of New York City, reflecting a true homage to the city’s vibrant and diverse culture. Melissa Franchi, the founder, with an unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality, personally navigates the bustling lanes of the Garment District in Manhattan, ensuring each piece aligns with her stringent specifications. This hands-on approach results in products that not only represent superior craftsmanship, but also encapsulate the very essence of New York City — its pulse, dynamism, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Shop Collection A Tale of Desire Obsession Fever & Thoughts



hand-polished to a mirror shine // From the deep lustrous finish to the superior corrosion resistance of the 316 stainless steel, each piece promises durability, beauty, and unparalleled satisfaction.

Discover the allure of nJoy, our pick for best stainless steel sex toys. Crafted with medical-grade precision and an unwavering commitment to quality, nJoy offers a range of exquisite products designed to elevate your intimate moments. Dive into a world where pleasure meets artistry, and experience the magic of metal.

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Patrice Catanzaro Luxury Fetish Lingerie

Patrice Catanzaro

Strong designs and masterful combination of leather and latex, soft lycra, and the edgy brilliance of vinyl with touches of lace // made in Marseille, France

For the classiest and best fetish lingerie, you cannot go wrong with this famous French designer. Many items feature 3 way zippers which turns bodysuits and catsuits from sleek fashion to ingeniously sexy crotchless lingerie with a simple move.

Shop Collection Dominatrix 2048 Plaything Boxing Champ

Rusalka Lingerie

Rusalka Lingerie

A new brand of elegant eco-friendly lingerie and loungewear. Luxury designs made from the highest quality of silk & lace // made in NYC

Rusalka Lingerie earns our top pick for the best pure silk kimonos, offering a luxurious and sophisticated design that blend tradition with modernity. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in every stitch of their beautifully draped kimonos, which are crafted from the finest silk for a lavish, soft touch against the skin.

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Selia Richwood

Selia Richwood

Embodiment of luxury, elegance, passion and craftsmanship. Empower our customers to be bold, seductive and beautiful // made in Italy

Beautiful and intricate, our pick for best satin silk lingerie goes to Italian designer Selia Richwood. Vibrant colors like Lavender and Orange are a part of the repertoire, and we can’t get enough of the satin + lace bra combos. 

Shop Collection Satin Lingerie Swim

Something Wicked

Something Wicked

Embodiment of luxury, elegance, passion and craftsmanship. Empower our customers to be bold, seductive and beautiful // handmade in England

Delectably soft, durable, and beautifully handcrafted, our pick for best leather lingerie goes to Something Wicked hands down. Their sumptuous products are prominently featured in our Leather Panties collection. Handmade in a Victorian textiles mill in Leeds, UK.

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Taryn Winters

Taryn Winters

Born in the costume closet of her childhood ballet studios, Winters illuminates femininity & grace // designed & made in New York

Taryn Winters illuminates the lingerie landscape with a collection that is both strikingly elegant and ballet-inspired. Showcasing the discipline and grace of ballet in each design, the brand’s offerings feature intricate hand-beading that embodies an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. Chosen as our top pick for the best hand-embroidered lingerie, Taryn Winters transcends traditional lingerie design, creating pieces that are not just intimate wear, but are true works of art.

Shop Collection SS18 Lookbook Lookbook


Born from the personal vision of founder Xenia Chen, Threads is a testament to the perfect blend of luxury and practicality, challenging the status quo with innovative designs and a commitment to quality // made in Italy

With a strong belief in gender inclusivity, Threads welcomes everyone, offering unisex designs loved by both men and women. Sustainability and affordability are at the heart of the brand, ensuring that luxury is accessible to all. It's no wonder that Threads is our top choice for tights and thigh highs, embodying the essence of modern fashion with a touch of timeless elegance.

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Tyes by Tara

Tyes by Tara

Making something so traditionally masculine into something pretty and feminine // made in Denver, Colorado

Dive into the enchanting world of Tyes by Tara, a collection that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style. Born from a spark of inspiration on a Halloween night, Tara transformed the traditionally masculine bowtie into a symbol of sweet, feminine allure. Our choice for cutest bowtie accessories.

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Lingerie model in the Fringe Boho Kink Leather Lingerie Set


The collections are carefully designed with an eye for detail, handmade from the finest materials, making each item unique and powerful. Founder of VoyeurX, Melanie, strives to make every item look fashionable, luxurious and feminine and to make every woman feel like a real woman wearing her masterful designs. // made in the Netherlands

Delectably sumptuous, soft, and beautifully handcrafted, our pick for best rose gold leather harnesses goes to VoyeurX. The Lock collection in rose gold is quite popular as well!

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