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Masquerade BallMasquerade Masks • Cat Masks • Kitten Headbands • Veils

The tradition of wearing masks at masquerade balls began in Venice during the 16th century. It is said that these events were created as a way for Venetian nobles to escape from their daily lives and enjoy themselves without being recognized by their peers.

Masks are a form of disguise, synthesizing magic and amusement. When you wear a mask, it is said that you can become anyone – an animal, celebrity or even an inanimate object!

Create a new identity with our wide range of beautiful masks, kitten headbands and veils. Wear one of our beautiful masks to a masquerade ball or use it to enhance your next costume party.

 Masquerade balls are a celebration of mystery, intrigue, and romance – the perfect occasion to wear a mask and let your imagination run wild.

Lilly Leather Bunny Mask


Lilly Leather Cat Mask


Lilly Leather Victorian Mask


Kitten Veil


Caviar Kitten Mask


Nénette Kitten Mask


Lush Molded Leather Cat Mask


Temptress Red Silk Eye Mask


Dalila Decal Eyemask


Kristine Decal Eyemask


Louise Decal Eyemask


Lush 18K Headband