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AmaiòLuxury Swim & Resort Wear

AMAIÒ is a women’s luxury swim & resort wear label founded by Samantha Khoury in 2016. The Los Angeles-based collection was established out of a desire to create transitional swimwear that evokes a sense of elevated sophistication, beauty, and fashion; breaking the traditional space and confines that have previously defined swim and resort. This juxtaposition is intrinsically connected to today’s cosmopolitan woman who finds herself constantly & seamlessly breaking boundaries and crossing borders.

The result is that AMAIÒ occupies a rarefied space where swimwear meets ready-to-wear and tells an intimate story between textile and functionality; never compromising on craft and fit, each piece is designed to effortlessly transport you from beach, to city, to countryside. A category in its own right, embrace the next generation of Après Swim.


“We are an ethical luxury brand that sources fabrics from heritage mills in France and Italy. These mills use age old techniques, machinery and ancestral craftsmanship to develop and create the textiles we buy and use for our garments... so as to promote conscious purchasing of products that will last you 50 years.”


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