Lingerie Care Instructions

Lingerie CareSpecific care instructions for:

Lace, Tulle, Silk, Satin, and Mesh

Hand Wash

Lingerie is precious and fragile. Whether it is made from lace, tulle or satin, the gentlest way to care for it is by hand washing at a low temperature. Some models (if stated on the label) can be machine washed. This is why we recommend that you follow the care instructions printed directly on the product labels. We recommend hand washing with a mild soap and cold water for all our delicate lace, silk, and mesh lingerie.

Machine Washing

Machine Wash

If you decide to use a washing machine, please use a mild detergent and put it on the gentle cycle. We recommend putting the items in a lingerie bag, especially for top loading washers with agitators.

Red Hot Leather Harness


For all the real leather lingerie and accessories in our genuine Leather Lingerie collection, we recommend specialist leather clean only.

Natural Beeswax Leather Polish
To maintain and condition the leather: Apply a very small amount of our Natural Beeswax Leather Polish with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Buff with a clean soft cloth for a beautiful shine. Can be used on all colors of leather. Do not use on suede.

Red Latex Bodysuit


Latex is a natural fabric and needs a little extra love and attention to make sure each garment remains as beautiful with each experience.

The Do’s:
  • Apply talcum powder or water based lubricant inside items that are tricky to get on
  • Handwash all latex garments as instructed below and leave to dry away from the sun, leaving your item directly could damage the latex
  • Store garments out of direct sunlight at room temperature, prolonged exposure to UV can cause damage. We recommend covering items in garment bags.
  • Hang items up as folding may cause creases in the latex. Alternatively you can also lay items flat.
The Don’ts:
  • Oils from moisturizers, makeup and fake tan can permanently stain latex, so keep it away from oily fingers and wash hands after applying makeup.
  • Red/pink colors can stain or bleed onto lighter latex, so make sure to store these items separately. If your item includes different shades, avoid folding the garments, keep them flat or hang them up.
  • Metals/Coppers will stain lighter colored latex.
  • Take extra care when wearing jewelry an avoid coming into contact with any sharp objects as this could rip the material.
  • Don’t let your latex come into direct heat with appliances such as hairdryers, especially irons!
How to Wash

To wash your garments it is preferred to use BeGloss Special Wash Liquid. Alternatively an ultra gentle washing up liquid can be used. Mix the required amount into a clean sink/bath/bowl of luke warm water, clean by hand washing the garment inside out, and then rinse away any remaining soap suds. You can then dry the garment with a towel or hang to dry but away from sunlight, making sure that you turn it inside out to get rid of any left over moisture. Some colors of latex can develop a white milky sheen after coming into contact with water, don’t panic, this will disappear as soon as the latex is dry. Latex items are not suitable for dry clean, washing machines, or tumble dryers.

Although we love the natural shine of our latex, there are products available to increase the shine of the fabric. We recommend the BeGloss Latex Shine & Care Kit for premium latex care and shine.