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Demery JayneSelf-confident • romantic

Demery Jayne Collection, the Translusence line, founded in 2019. Inspired by of a self-confident and at the same time romantic woman who loves to be remembered and not noticed, who goes so far as to explore beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

“I grew up in Colorado in a very small town most people have not heard of called Greeley. I come from a family of artists. My dad paints as a hobby and has a very unique and creative style, my mother does interior design and creates jewelry. My sister Allison is an incredibly talented artist in many ways but specifically as a painter, and my sister Danielle is a performance artist. I was always encouraged to explore myself and each of my passions. I was a competitive athlete most of my youth years and became very serious about it in high school, I swam everyday morning and night and had the opportunity to turn professional If I wasn’t going to become a model. I moved to New York City to pursue my modeling career at 19 and I worked with a company called ambitious media while actively going to castings and learning about the entertainment industry.

”Left New York with intentions of spending a few weeks in Venezuela getting in shape, updating my portfolio, and experiencing some culture… I ended up staying for a few years. I fell in love with the place. I have always flourished in the water environment and I loved everything about the island chains of Los Roques off of the Venezuelan coast. I connect deeply with this type of environment and am drawn to spending time on and around the water. I am a pisces.

”Upon my return, I moved to Los Angeles and reunited with the film agency I had been working in New York and started a model house for their company in California. I recruited the models from around the world and helped run the home and oversee the house and infrastructure. I had a role in creative production with this company and spent many days working behind the scenes on set as well as in front of the camera. I eventually branched off and started my own talent agency in LA called Tier 1MM, which is still a thriving agency now under different ownership. My experiences with the talent industry have been diverse.

”I have been very blessed to travel the world, I’ve seen over 50 countries and I have been so deeply inspired by the cultures and the beauty within each of these places. I hold it close in heart and plan to carry it into my art and my designs. My spirituality defines me in many ways; performance art is a major outlet for me. I have been a performer for over a decade in varying styles like fire dance and silk fans.

”My heart has always been in fashion, all of my experiences have been collected together so that I am able to do what I love. In 1996 at the age of 5, I completed my first fashion sketchbook. I have been designing the Translusence collection for one year, this is one of many collections to come. I am in love with this outlet as it lets me be the true visionary that I am at heart.”

Demery Jayne

“The Translusence collection is designed for a goddess, it is sensual and inspiring. I have analyzed and admired the female form and taken notice of what women desire to wear. My collection is wearable art.”

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