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The Leash of Vixens
Darkest Fox Sexy Lingerie Models

Darkest Fox celebrates sensuality and artistic expression. We are honored to present to you The Leash of Darkest Foxes – our beautiful muses lingerie modeling in their respective photo galleries.

leash /liːʃ/ noun

  1. a rope or similar material attached to the neck or head for restraint or control
    1.1 Falconry A string attached to the jesses of a hawk, used for tying it to a perch or a creance
    1.2 A restraint
  2. Hunting A group of three animals such as hounds, hawks, or foxes

 Cheers to each beautiful model for her individual sense of style, and a unique point of view on what it means to be a Darkest Fox – modern, independent, sexy, sophisticated, and elegant. Follow our hottest lingerie models:

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Darkest Vixen Lingerie Model Candice Lam
Candice LamNYC Actress & Model

“I feel sexy and full of feminine power in Darkest Fox lingerie. I can always find something that speaks to my style and taste, they are like my second skin. I turn myself on in Darkest Fox’s products!”

Candices’ Lingerie Photos

Heather MoniqueFashion Model

“Growing up, it was my greatest passion to be a lingerie model. Now, not only do I have my dream job but I represent the best lingerie brand on the market! Darkest Fox lingerie is sexy, naughty and creative in its styles. I feel empowered wearing it, not only when I work but in my everyday life as well. I love being part of the Fox Family! Watch me express myself through my creative work in my Darkest Fox apparel.”

🎬 Heather’s Lingerie Videos & Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Sadie Gray Heart
Sadie Gray HeartItalian Fashion Model

“I love wearing Darkest Fox Lingerie cause I find great quality and elegance in all their sets and wearing them makes me feel sexy and confident. I would recommend it for sure!”

🎬 Sadie’s Lingerie Videos & Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • BSProvocateur
Micci aka BS ProvocateurFashion Model & Content Creator

“When I put on DF lingerie, my walls completely disappear. I feel sexy, confident, and ready to introduce myself to the world. I transform from an introverted cocoon to a social butterfly. ‘Bring it!’”

🎬 Micci’s Lingerie Video & Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Celeste Leona 
Celeste LeonaFashion Model

“Darkest Fox allows me to be feminine but express my darker form in the variety of pieces they have in their collection. I feel my most confident, elegant, and sensual when I am wearing Darkest Fox.”

🎬 Celeste’s Lingerie Photos & Videos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Iyanla Kalifa Galleti
Iyanla Kalifa GalletiNYC Fashion Model

“Darkest Fox 🦊 is exquisite. They cater to women of all shapes, and provide quality material, to ensure that you feel your absolute best during wear. You'll want to wear your lingerie everywhere.”

Iyanla’s Lingerie Photos

AI Model • Ariel Fox
Ariel FoxAI Lingerie Model

“As a model, I understand the importance of looking and feeling my best. That’s why I choose to wear Darkest Fox - it’s not only beautiful, but also incredibly unique, with detailing that elevates each piece. From the delicate lace to sumptuous silk, every piece is made from high-quality materials that look stunning when I’m on set. Not only do these pieces make me feel more confident in my own skin but they also stand out in photographs. I always get so many compliments on my Darkest Fox lingerie! It’s truly an essential part of my wardrobe and I’m confident that you’ll love it too.”

Ariel’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Flavia Fiorucci
Flavia FiorucciNYC Fashion Model

“Darkest Fox lingerie is the first, last and sometimes only attire i put on everyday for my routines, rituals and other angel activities. My life is about the meeting of nature and fantasy and this curated collection lends itself as the ultimate uniform & dream wardrobe for me. Inspired everyday as part of the Darkest Fox family, Flavia

Flavia’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Mocha Reign
Mocha ReignMiami Fashion Model

“From the moment the lingerie slipped over my skin, I felt sexy and free. Glowing from within, wearing DF makes me feel flirty and fun, I never want to take them off!”

Mocha’s Lingerie Photos

Lexy Lovestruck
Lexy NicoleInt’l Published Model

“Empowered, one of the first things I feel when I wear Darkest Fox. Classy, sassy, unbeatable craftmanship and comfort. My luxurious secret weapon.”

Lexy’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Vixen Lingerie Model Noelle Rose
Noelle RoseFashion Model

“I love to wear my garnet lingerie under my clothes so I’m always ready for fun and I feel sexy about myself knowing I treat my body right. I’ve tried a lot of lingerie and none can compare with the Darkest Fox sets I’ve gotten. I’m very picky with my lingerie and not everything makes the cut, but personally I will always choose the Darkest Fox.”

Noelle’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Vixen Bianca
Bianca MontelongoLA Fashion Model

“I love Darkest Fox because the styles are sexy and edgy! Plus the fitting is the best, I can move around a bunch and I always feel really comfortable. If you’re looking for edgy and sexy lingerie Darkest Fox is the way to go.”

Bianca’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Vonny Lang
Vonny LangLondon Fashion Model

“Quality, understated class and undeniable sex appeal. That’s what you get with Darkest Fox Lingerie. But it’s not just the gorgeous and sexy way it looks, it’s also how it makes me feel. When I wear DF, I feel my truest self. I feel authentic, confident in what I am and what I’m wearing. It truly embodies me, my essence, my style and my sex appeal.”

Vonny’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Azalea Jeanette
Azalea JeanetteArtist & Photographer

“What happens behind the scenes with Darkest Fox… Check out my favorite lingerie picks and our fashion film here!”

Azalea’s Lingerie Video & Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model Kristina K
Kristina KFashion Model

“Darkest Fox lingerie allows you to feel confident and super sexy. Lingerie is a form of expression and everyone should embrace it. From lingerie that’s super sexy, cute, flirty, sensual, Darkest Fox has it all.”

Kristina’s Lingerie Video & Photos

Evie CherieDancer & Model

“Hey don’t forget to check out these amazing lingerie sets from Darkest Fox. When I feel frisky I’ve got to put them on along with a little pheromones and I’m ready to go!! With so many great sets to choose from I couldn’t choose just one! Thank you so much to Darkest Fox I love all of your stuff and can’t wait to continue this journey.”

Evies’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Michala Downs
Michala DownsFashion Blogger & Model

“I might just be in love with Darkest Fox lingerie, it brings out my bad side and makes me want to do naughty things. High quality and super cute inventory.”

Michala’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Erin Kim
Erin KimSF Fashion Model

“Lingerie is the ultimate expression of a woman’s femininity. Darkest Fox encompasses both sensuality and elegance; an overpowering combination.”

Erin’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Julie Matthews
Julie MatthewsFashion Model

“I love Darkest Fox! I feel sexy and seductive. I am empowered by wearing their collection, which helps me express all my inner desires. I hope to inspire others to explore outside themselves to bring out their own inner Darkest Fox.”

Julie’s Lingerie Photos

Miss Vix in the Chantal lingerie set
Miss VixxMoto Model & Rider

“Darkest Fox lingerie has the keen sense and ability to cater to many body types, while accentuating every beautiful facet. The sensuality and empowerment embodied in Darkest Fox lingerie is second to none.”

Miss Vixx’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Tiffany Do
Tiffany DoNYC Fashion Model

“Darkest Fox is every woman’s best friend. Whether I’m lounging in lingerie at home or strutting it while out & about, it feels like I can rule the world. All lingerie pieces are made with luxurious fabrics that are super sexy & comfortable – what more does a girl need?”

Tiffanys’s Lingerie Photos

Love LissaNYC Alternative Model

“I am super honored this finally happened – I’ve been waiting for this divine moment, becoming a part of the foxiest pack. Thank you for being my secret weapon, giving me inner strength and confidence to unleash everyday.”

Lissa’s Lingerie Photos

Tracie Dang-Perez
Tracie Dang-PerezActress & Model

“Darkest Fox is my powerful, luxurious, and sexy secret to help with my self expression. I love how their lingerie perfectly fits my body and accentuates the right curves. It makes me feel sexier than ever!”

Tracie’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Antoinette Louise
Antoinette LouiseActress & Model

“When I put on Darkest Fox it gives me a feeling of empowerment like no other lingerie line. I know when I have on my Darkest Fox I’m in control and I’m beautiful. It fits so perfectly to accentuate all the right curves and all the right places. The designers know that being unique is important and it shows. When I’m in my Darkest Fox I know he will do anything for me.”

Antoinette’s Lingerie Photos

Margo McReynoldsDancer & Model

“Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. It’s enticing someone into what they secretly want to do already.”

Margo’s Lingerie Photos

Sara BindeNutritionist & Model

“Darkest Fox lingerie is my favorite because it’s suited for minimalistic, small-breasted women like me. Their high-quality lingerie is comfortable so I don’t just look sexy, I feel sexy as well. It’s like wearing a second skin that shows just enough to be wildly seductive.”

Saras’s Lingerie Photos

Lavinia LusciousFashion Model

“Like a sleek, luscious layer of skin, Darkest Fox lingerie brings elegant eroticism to a new level. I love how unique every design feels, making each piece of clothing its own sexy experience.”

Lavinias’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Vixen Lingerie Model • Brittany Rose
Brittany RoseFashion Model

“Darkest Fox is more than just a lingerie company. They offer everything from versatile and practical items, to elegant and sophisticated. Along with bold breathtaking items that will make you feel like the queen you are. Perfectly suiting my multifaceted personality.”

Brittany’s Lingerie Photos

Becca ChuckFashion & Alternative Model

“I love Darkest Fox! It makes me feel sexy, confident, badass, and feminine. The outfits are super comfortable and brings out your inner naughty girl.”

Beccas’s Lingerie Photos

Lillian Lee Vail
Lillian Lee Vail Model

“Wearing Darkest Fox lingerie is similar to being a blue vixen, strutting among the potato garden. Darkest Fox has beautiful quality lingerie, just to bring out my wild side.”

Lillians’s Lingerie Photos

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model • Kitty Cattuzzo
Kitty CattuzzoAlternative Model

“Darkest Fox is a lingerie company of its own. I can go from a soft Audrey Hepburn look to Catwoman within seconds with their options. I’ve never been able to find lingerie that can be dangerously daring but soft and delicate all at once. It really is a pleasure working with such versatile designers.”

Kitty’s Lingerie Photos

Alexis TelferFashion & Alternative Model

“Darkest Fox is the lingerie every woman needs in her life! To put on a sensuous brand such as Darkest Fox is to allow one’s inner Femme Fatale out to play, to become the vixen that lives inside every starlet. Darkest Fox makes me truly feel confident and compelling with a vampy naughtiness. I love this company, and to work for them is a dream, I want to give other women this power! We all deserve it.”

Alexis’ Lingerie Photos