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Patrice Catanzaro

The famous French fetish designer Patrice Catanzaro launches his TOME 14 collection and once again shows his strong designs and masterful use of materials, combining leather and latex, the feminine elegance of soft lycra, and the edgy brilliance of vinyl with oh-so-delicate touches of lace.
This 14th Round is inspired by the world of boxing, and with it, the victories and of course the defeats associated with this exciting scene. A former boxer himself, Patrice’s connection to the world of boxing goes further, with his daughter, Charlotte, who became French Champion in her category in 2016.
By uniting his two passions – boxing and women, Patrice has created with his latest collection a sensual marriage between the undeniably wild elements of the boxing arena with the powerful feminine force of a woman revealing the strength and elegance that characterizes her.