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Colette & Sebastian

Colette, a native to New York City is very much the product of the city’s dynamic energy and creativity. So is her phenomenal collection of pieces, crafted flawlessly to represent all of her tireless efforts toward success in the big city. Ambitious, fearlessly creative and insatiably impassioned, she took an original concept and made it into a breathtaking, invigorating fashion brand. The brand owes its rise to her residency in Florence after her intensive studies. The culture encapsulated her ideas and motivated her to build her very own brand from the ground up. Her unique statement of style tears up the established rule book in the pursuit of the sublime to bring you something truly eclectic and awe inspiring.

The classically confident fashions found across the collections under her very own Colette & Sebastian brand appeal to the modern day marvel of a woman, both feminine and empowering. Colette & Sebastian was launched to share passion and uniquely inspired creations with the world. Each collection has created plays on every woman’s innate desires; to be bold, alluring, beautiful, inspiring, powerful: the ultimate muse.

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