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Designer Body Shapewear

Introducing the Belle du Jour collection from Maison Close. Maison Close revisits the iconic pieces of shapewear lingerie: the open cup bodysuit, the naked breast dress, and the waist cincher. Completing this collection are sexy sheer mesh bra & panty sets and skirts.

The Belle de Jour shapewear provide comfortable support and shaping without sacrificing style – these chic, classic pieces are designed to fit under any type of clothing, providing subtle tweaks to your appearance.

We love that this collection comes in a range of styles, from hip and stomach shaping skirts and dresses to body suits with built-in support bras. Many pieces have removable suspenders and garters to ensure that your undergarments and stockings stay in place throughout the day and evening. All pieces featured here are made from breathable nylon and stretchy mesh to ensure comfort as long as you are wearing it.

 Unleash your hourglass figure with designer shapewear from acclaimed French designer Maison Close. These Belle de Jour items can be worn underneath clothes to sculpt the figure, or all natural to seduce your loved one.

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