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Femme Fataleblack & white fashion photography inspired by the ladies of film noir

In the 1940s and 50s, an oneiric movement sailed throughout Hollywood that embraced fatalism and sexuality in what we know as film noir. As one of the most glamorous and sexy periods of the silver screen, these are styles that your inner seductress can embrace. Donning delicate lace and black leather, dress up as if you’re ready for the next mystery adventure. From bodysuits to dresses and lingerie sets fit with garters and high-waist panties, this collection celebrates the modern femme fatale, with a style for every woman who walks on the edge.

 For the adventurous, bold woman, your wardrobe isn’t complete without something glamorous à la old school Hollywood. Take a walk on the edge with pieces that celebrate the modern woman and everyday heroism.

Femme Fatale