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Hot Lingerie

Featuring our Italian designers Hot Couture and Eros Veneziani. The well crafted pieces from both high end lingerie brands are all made in Italy!

Hot Couture

All HOT COUTURE styles are produced in limited numbers, to guarantee exclusivity and extreme care in every single detail, and they are made entirely by hand in our boutique according to the refined sartorial techniques of Salentine tradition. The materials used are produced in Italy and are certified by the trademark ‘fiducia nel tessile’ (trust in textile) being free from harmful substances.

Eros Veneziani

Eros Veneziani is based in a village named Ceto in Lombardy, northern Italy, a small town between wonderful mountains.
The EV team is composed of Claudia and Aldo Monchieri; their union allows a complete view of the realization of the products where nothing is left to chance, thanks to the deep experience of both cultivated over the years. They are the heart of the company from which the collections take shape, producing lingerie that is synonymous with seduction, dynamism and modernity, designed with passion and professionalism. Their synergy and harmony is the secret of Eros Veneziani.

 All pieces in this collection are exclusively made in Italy, including the carefully chosen quality fabrics that are also strictly made in Italy.

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