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We are excited to announce the arrival of a new French luxury lingerie line, designed by the lovely Charlotte Catanzaro.

Charlotte & Impudique is a fairy tale of a young woman, rising under the watchful eye of her beloved father, who over years of hard work successfully developed her creative abilities to design women's clothing. It is a story of her commitment to carry on the tradition of the Catanzaro House by adding her inner signature.

In a sewing workshop near Marseille, a collection named « Audacieuse » is born, where technical processes are coupled with the know-how “à la française”. The Impudique brand represent for Charlotte Catanzaro her way to the world of fashion lingerie, the Universe of the Sublime. Impudique is entirely designed and made in France, and we are very honored to give our Darkest Fox Insiders the first opportunity to indulge in this gorgeously sensual lingerie!

“AUDACIEUSE offers a daring game of seduction, an inflection of sensuality and finesse, with a single objective: to beautify women. Ladies, your curves, your lines and your daring will be highlighted. Gentlemen, you will desire them! You will be bold and daring, body and feelings unveiled.”

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