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Leather Lingerie& Bondage Accessories

These exquisite pieces are made of durable, soft leather in a range of colors, from dark mysterious midnight black, to fiery passionate bright red, to soft romantic bridal white.

All our leather lingerie products have an excellent fit and are treated to be soft against the skin. That means that you do not have to worry about any pinching or chafing, as these leather goods have the same curve-hugging appeal as products made from cotton or other more conventional materials.

Featuring lingerie from Something Wicked – designed and made in the UK; and luxury bondage accessories from Fräulein Kink – designed and made in Berlin, Germany along with domestique – designed and made in Paris, France.

 Add a unique and luxurious texture to your bedroom wardrobe with premium leather lingerie. Luxury leather bondage pieces allow you to explore your adventurous side or simply add a little bit of an edge to your usual romantic play.

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Red Hot Suspender Belt


Red Hot Cage Harness


Velvet Rouge Harness


Red Hot Bondage Set


Red Hot Skinny Collar


Red Hot Collar


Red Hot Handcuffs


Red Hot Leash


Red Hot Flogger


Red Hot Flapper


Red Hot Harness


Rouge Skirt