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Loulette Lingerieluxury wedding bridal lingerie

We believe in quality over quantity, and use only the finest materials and delicate craftsmanship to make a garment that will become an heirloom. Loulette Bride and Loulette Lingerie are designed by best friends, Marteal Mayer and LaTimberly (Timmy) Johnson.

The designers met at Syracuse University, moved to Brooklyn, and have spent their post-college years working in the Garment District. Marteal began working in the bridal industry, and Timmy in the contemporary fashion and lingerie industry.

After several requests for custom made wedding dresses from friends and loved ones, Marteal and Timmy decided to combine their talents and expertise to launch sister brands, Loulette Bride and Loulette Lingerie.

What began as a side hustle and passion project has evolved to a full-time dream job. Loulette Bride and Loulette Lingerie is now available in boutiques and retailers across North America, Australia, and Europe.

“Our designs feature layers of sheer, textured silks, whimsical fabrics, and unique French laces in silhouettes that are sophisticated, yet fun, fresh, and playful.”