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New ArrivalsPearl Thongs • Bespoke Latex • Silk Robes

Our latest arrivals feature Italian lace + pearl thongs by Bracli, velour lingerie by K+1%, the SS20 collection by Something Wicked, and sheer nude lingerie by Maison Close.


Désirable’s products are the culmination of almost three years of research and development. It all began in 2011, during a university project on the ethics of designer in the industry of erotic toys. The conclusions were shocking : the current sex toys industry ignores the concepts of ethics, responsibility and hygiene. Thus, there are some sex toys that are manufactured with materials prohibited for use in children’s toys. This is how we started the Design & Intimacy project, which aimed to provide an alternative that is more ethical, responsible and in harmony with the erotic and intimate realities of couples.


It’s that time of the month again. One depressing week…​You unwillingly put on your period pants out of necessity, ​and it just doesn’t feel the same as putting on your favorite lingerie. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine feeling the same excitement as choosing your new bikini, or the satisfaction when you chose your favorite lingerie when you put on your period pants. It just might transform that depressing week in to something you can enjoy.​ The unordinary transforms in to the norm.​ Bringing unwavering joy to those women who keep facing forward.​ For fashionable and functional sanitary lingerie, K +1% –​ Plus 1%​ to your Kirei (Beautiful) and Kawaii (Cute).

Something Wicked

Contrasting opaque and sheer materials create a powerful visual impact in the striking AW20 Mia collection. Each luxurious piece enhances the body’s natural beauty, and creates strong sculptural shapes. Handcrafted using soft leather and sheer mesh the Mia range includes pieces that continue to push the boundaries of the underwear as outerwear trend.

Maison Close

The latest trend in lingerie is to look like you’re wearing nothing at all. With a sophisticated yet natural feel and a satin-smooth tulle effect, the Corps à Corps Collection lays bare a carefully considered skin tone and expresses the poetry of the body. With this collection, Maison Close presents tone-on-tone sets of lingerie for a second-skin effect, revealing the power of femininity in its entirety. A sheer effect that challenges both femininity and seduction. Featuring 80s-inspired interchangeable bold, neon straps, the skin takes center stage in this collection, taking body language to the next level. An entirely natural fantasy is created, where the art of tiny caresses flourishes.

Demery Jayne

Demery Jayne Collection, the Translusence line, founded in 2019. Inspired by of a self-confident and at the same time romantic woman who loves to be remembered and not noticed, who goes so far as to explore beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.

“Inspired by the modern Australian city. Made in Spain featuring fine Italian lace with a golden lurex highlight and Spanish pearls of manacor. As with all Bracli pieces, the most provocative touch is the necklace made of a strip of pearls, which stimulates the most pleasurable parts of a woman. ”