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Exquisite Pearl ThongsFeaturing Hot Couture & Bracli

Characterized by exaltation of Mediterranean manufacturing artistry, leading the season of new trends, the Hot Couture Balloon Pearl Thong collection proposes pieces of ancestral strength and elegance in which visions and emotions are expressed through smooth and captivating lines, enhancing, without modesty, the simple nature and noble shape of the female form and authentic power of her senses.

All Hot Couture styles are produced in limited numbers, to guarantee exclusivity and extreme care in every single detail, and they are made entirely by hand in our boutique according to the refined sartorial techniques of Salentine tradition. The materials used are produced in Italy and are certified by the trademark ‘fiducia nel tessile’ (trust in textile) being free from harmful substances.

We are also proud to feature pieces from Spanish designer brand Bracli in this collection. Bracli is the quintessential underwear for women, the perfect gift with a little something extra for yourself to enjoy – all items come in beautiful black box packaging. Choose your favorite version of the single strand of delicate pearls on the thongs, or a double strand on the halter bras – you can wear these exquisite lingerie pieces featuring Bracli pearl accents every day, and of course for a special occasion. Bracli combines elegance and sensuality, luxury and finesse; it’s gorgeous and desirable.

 The Hot Couture haute couture lingerie in this exquisite collection features Italian Chantilly lace and Swarovski pearl thongs, expertly crafted with signature Italian craftsmanship. Add to your wardrobe the passion and beauty of Spanish sensibilities in the Bracli pearl thongs, and you'll truly feel like the world is your oyster.

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