Darkest Fox 2048

Darkest Fox 2048

“When I think about the future I am quickly reminded of my obsession with The Fifth Element. It was a movie I watched on repeat as a kid just wishing I could be Leelu over and over again.

“With my head in the clouds dreaming up colored hair in beautiful blue opera, I received a package from the one and only Darkest Fox. If you know me you know my love for reflective clothes runs deep. When I opened the package I tried everything on myself (because why not?!) and then started envisioning a moment when the lights could dance across these rompers AND perhaps even fulfill my Element dream.


“Cue Jamie dying her hair pink and showing up at my house.

 I mean how could I not?

 San Jose’s Christmas in Park painted the perfect backdrop for this session… and well the rest is history.

 Enjoy the future my loves.”

Photographer Ashton Miyako • Model Jamie Lee Langworthy

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