Darkest Fox Bites at Tech Sexism

Contact: Mabel Liang
August 1, 2017


Mabel Liang bites back at charges of tech sexism with a surprising (and refreshing) call for feminism –
from the voice of a lingerie startup

SAN FRANCISCO, CA August 1, 2017 – In the early spring of March 2017, online lingerie store Darkest Fox held their Debut fashion show and launch party at the monthly Startup Mingle event at the W Hotel San Francisco. This past month, Startup Mingle found itself as the target of a social-media firestorm with accusations of being tone-deaf and contributing to sexism in tech. Mabel Liang, the founder of Darkest Fox (and a female entrepreneur of color) felt quite differently and attended the July show in hopes of adding to that discussion. Her voice was ignored there, but perhaps it should not be. In a recent interview with Fashion InJunction, she had this to say:

“Startup Mingle functioned in the way that I value in my work environment: everyone was respectful, collaborative, and supportive.

I was a little shocked they did not interview the fashion designer Shonta Jones in the news articles, or someone like me who is literally in the intersection of tech and fashion, and has done the first lingerie fashion show at Startup Mingle.

If they really wanted to discuss how this event contributes to sexism in tech, wouldn’t it make sense to interview the people who are producing the event, or I don’t know, actually attend the event to see for themselves, rather than basing an entire story on a Metropolis-inspired flyer?

I would contend to say this is what is right about Silicon Valley – this is a place where the small folks can dream of making it big, and have a real shot at it. How wonderful is it to have female-led, female-produced lingerie fashion shows that celebrates sexuality and self-expression ... on our terms.

I think they missed that point altogether.”

Mabel has much more more to say, not just about the Startup Mingle event, but about feminism, sexuality and female empowerment, both inside and outside of the workplace. It is an interesting perspective, as many people might assume that a lingerie brand might be the last place they expect this voice to come from.

“My customers are women ‘of agency,’ they make decisions for themselves, take action, and are forces of change in the world. Underneath it all, we are wearing lingerie for ourselves while we’re out and about in the world, running companies, going to meetings, making things happen.

What we wear against our skin is our business, and there’s something deliciously decadent about wearing silk on a hot day beneath athleisurewear that no one knows about but you.”

Darkest Fox’s mission is to celebrate sensuality by empowering individuals through bold, elegant aesthetics. We challenge the convention of externally worn lingerie in private settings by transforming this intimate piece of undergarment to be something that is worn discreetly (or not so discreetly) internally in public settings, as a reminder to the wearer that beauty and self-love starts from within.

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