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Adori Personal Massage Stones

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Our massage stones were specially designed to transform any beginner into a massage expert. They were created to relieve the pressure applied on the bones while giving a massage. The pressure is applied through the unique shape of the stones, thus relaxing the muscles. This relieves the massager hands of unnecessary pressure. These designs are unique to Désirables and don’t exist anywhere else.

Every box includes three different sizes of stones to target different muscles in order to create a complete massage experience: 

  • Small stone for deep tissue massage,
  • Large stone for a relaxing massage,
  • Medium stone offers a different grip as well as being a good intermediate.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Last a lifetime
  • Can be sterilized
  • Conducts Heat & Cold
  • Compatible with any type of massage oil/cream/powder
  • Ergonomic and Ambidextrous Design
  • Arrives in a gift box
  • Satin pouch
  • 5-year warranty

The presence of toxic products and the lack of information regarding this issue in the sex toy industry are one of the main reasons we got into making body-safe products. Our solution needed to be out there in order to give a healthier, more ethically responsible solution to everyone who wanted a dildo, especially those who needed to reconnect and rediscover their sexuality.

That’s why we created a porcelain dildo and massage stones as well as an organic massage oil and candle that are plastic and phthalates free. Porcelain is a really underestimated material in the sex toy industry, but it should definitely be more popular, since it has every feature you would want in a great toy! It has heat transfer capabilities, it’s super easy to clean, but most important for us: it is a non-porous, hypoallergenic and body-compatible material.

Sex toys containing phthalate in their plastics are something we strongly believe should be regulated, but until then we do try to do our part in this industry to provide pleasure-seeker with safe products and valuable information.

We provide pleasure products that are luxurious, sustainable, body-safe and locally crafted.

We are a woman-owned Montreal based company that specializes in body-safe & beautiful handmade intimate products.Every product we create aim to achieve one goal: help our customer’s wellbeing.

Our universe is one of pleasure and intimate moments, wrapped up in an exquisite attention to details. Everything from our porcelain dildo to our organic massage oil is thoughtfully designed to bring a unique experience in the life of their users.

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