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Elvis Mesh Bodysuit Impudique


Elvis Mesh Bodysuit • Curve

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Are you ready to be sublimely seductive? With the Elvis Mesh Bodysuit from the Scandaleuse collection, you’ll turn heads wherever you go! This stunning bodysuit features adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit. Crafted from tulle for that extra touch of sophistication, the neckline is highlighted my delicate embroideries that start from the top of the chest and plunge all the way down to your deep belly.

The adjustable elastic waistband creates the perfect silhouette to make your body look and feel amazing. And the thong back of this bodysuit reveals the perfect amount of skin to make sure all eyes are on you. Add a bit of naughty to your look with the Elvis Mesh Bodysuit. Be captivating without compromising on comfort. Try it now and let your confidence shine through.

The straps are adjustable at the shoulders and at the back to tighten or loosen them for optimal comfort, while remaining sexy. The neckline is highlighted by delicate embroideries, fashioned on transparent tulle, which start from the top of the chest to meet in the middle of the belly and accentuate its plunging and stunning effect. The elastic waistband is adjustable.

Emphasizes your waist and keeps the suggestive spirit of the naughty game. The bare back of this white Elvis bodysuit reveals what is needed, where it is needed. The marked seams in extension of the straps to leave room for your buttocks entirely revealed by its thong.

“For 6 days you will work. For 6 years you will sow your land and you will harvest the products. » (Book of Exodus)

Scandaleuse is the (forbidden) fruit of my 6th collection. Scandaleuse is the product of my six years of work. Scandalous is the coronation of my own exodus, of my emancipation.

Six is the perfect number. It symbolizes the harmony, perfection and balance that define/inspire me.

Even more, this perfect set extends to the S of Six, Sex, Satan and... Scandal.

Through Scandaleuse, I redefine my own rules, I do what I think and I impose myself by giving free rein to my diabolical spirit, without fear of scandalizing.

I am ashamed.
I am revolting.
I'm shocking.
I am... Scandalous.

The youngest business leader in the luxury lingerie sector in France, I am Charlotte Catanzaro, I am at the head of Maison Catanzaro.

And you, what (Scandalous) woman are you?

Ladies, let your bodies be caressed and delighted by this Scandalous collection.

Join me in marking bodies, hearts and minds.

* * * * * *

« Pendant 6 jours tu travailleras. Durant 6 années tu ensemenceras ta terre et tu en récolteras les produits. » (Livre de l’Exode)

Scandaleuse est le fruit (défendu) de ma 6ème collection. Scandaleuse est le produit de mes six années de labeur. Scandaleuse est le sacre de mon propre exode, de mon émancipation.

Le six est le chiffre parfait. Il symbolise l’harmonie, la perfection et l’équilibre qui me définissent/m’inspirent.

Plus encore, cet ensemble parfait s’étend jusqu’au S de Six, de Sexe, de Satan et de... Scandale.

À travers Scandaleuse, je redéfinis mes propres règles, je fais ce que je pense et je m’impose en laissant libre cours à mon esprit diabolique, sans crainte de scandaliser.

Je suis honteuse.
Je suis révoltante.
Je suis choquante.
Je suis... Scandaleuse.

Plus jeune chef d’entreprise du secteur de la lingerie de luxe en France, je suis Charlotte Catanzaro je suis à la tête de la Maison Catanzaro.

Et vous, quelle femme (Scandaleuse) êtes-vous ?

Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, laissez vos corps se faire caresser et se faire endiabler par cette collection Scandaleuse.

Rejoignez-moi pour marquer les corps, les cœurs et les esprits.

  • Sharon is 173cm tall, 110cm in chest, 90cm in waist and 121cm in hips circumference. She wears size 2XL.
  • Yeva is 175cm tall, 92cm in chest, 70cm in waist and 109 in hips circumference. She wears size M.
  • 90% Polyamide
  • 10% Elastane
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