Darkest Fox Leash

The Leash of Vixens
Darkest Fox Sexy Lingerie Models

Darkest Fox celebrates sensuality and artistic expression. We are honored to present to you The Leash of Darkest Foxes – our beautiful muses in their respective photo galleries.

leash /liːʃ/ noun

  1. a rope or similar material attached to the neck or head for restraint or control
    1.1 Falconry A string attached to the jesses of a hawk, used for tying it to a perch or a creance
    1.2 A restraint
  2. Hunting A group of three animals such as hounds, hawks, or foxes

 Cheers to each beautiful model for her individual sense of style, and a unique point of view on what it means to be a Darkest Fox – modern, independent, sexy, sophisticated, and elegant.

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