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French Lingerie BrandsWe Love at Darkest Fox

Bask in bright ambience and then be lured into dark mystery as you peruse the exclusive lingerie videos created by our stunning luxury lingerie brands, while feasting your eyes on stunning fine lingerie photographs and stirring illustrations. Within each gallery, you may find a favorite new romantic lace high waisted panty, the perfect comfortable fit pure silk pajama set to gift to a dear one, or a sexy Chantilly lace bra and panty ensemble for that special occasion.

As our mission is to empower and embolden individuals to express themselves creatively and sensually, Darkest Fox furthermore is extremely proud to present custom Lookbooks – each gallery a vision brought to life by incredibly talented photographers, lingerie models, hair stylists, and markup artists, whose steadfast dedication and deft skills transform every stroke of inspiration and collective fantasy into tangible reality.

If your idea of lingerie is a silk and lace confection made by the finest craftsmen in France, where every seam is perfect and each stitch is deliberate, we have some exotic pieces for you.

These French lingerie brands offer unparalleled luxury to lingerie connoisseurs and those who enjoy a night at the opera with their intimates. If you’re looking to get a little wild, try something foxy from one these French brands. They offer everything from the best romantic and sensual lingerie to kinky lingerie and sexy costumes.

The French brands below are among the most luxurious lingerie designers in the world. They offer an experience that will rival any high-end fashion brand and make you feel like royalty. The quality is unparalleled, the designs are timeless, and they always use the finest materials available. As you can see, these are brands that know how to make a woman feel like the most beautiful creature in the world.

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French Fashion Bondage Brand • domestique


Founded in 2016, domestique is an atelier designing accessories and objects inspired by a reflection on desire and eroticism. Appropriating bondage-sadomasochism’s (BDSM) imagery, domestique transforms and elevates them into luxurious and insolent accessories.

Our choice for high fashion bondage accessories and beautiful leather purses, featuring exquisite jewelry which can be combined with the accessories for a unique look.

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Impudique de Catanzaro Designer French Lingerie


A daring game of seduction, an inflection of sensuality and finesse, with a single objective: to beautify women

Just can’t get enough of French lingerie? Then add pieces of Impudique to your collection – all the lingerie sets and dresses are designed and made in France, with plenty of bondage harness details and embroidered tulle to make this the ultimate choice for smoldering seduction.

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Les P'tites Folies

Les P’tites Folies

Lycra dresses of this enchantress collection enhances the silhouette with refined and audacious curves // made in Marseille, France

Have a date night or cocktail party coming up? Our choice for the best little black dress and bodysuits comes from this French brand, which is also designed by Patrice Catanzaro and made in France. A dash of bondage and a nod to fetish, these are no ordinary dresses – don one and you’ll be racking up compliments all night!

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Maison Close

Maison Close

Séduction à la Française

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Patrice Catanzaro Luxury Fetish Lingerie

Patrice Catanzaro

Strong designs and masterful combination of leather and latex, soft lycra, and the edgy brilliance of vinyl with touches of lace // made in Marseille, France

For the classiest and best fetish lingerie, you cannot go wrong with this famous French designer. Many items feature 3 way zippers which turns bodysuits and catsuits from sleek fashion to ingeniously sexy crotchless lingerie with a simple move.

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