What does the Fox Say? Interview with Fashion InJunction

Darkest Fox Luxury Lingerie - NYC View

So delighted to be featured as a success story in Brad Carrick's Fashion InJunction, the pre-eminent legal and business-building resource for the fashion and design communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brad is also the founder of Creative Startup Labs, a full service legal and business agency dedicated to helping talented entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. We first met Brad during our fashion show this year at Startup Mingle, and found him to be charismatic and inspiring, dedicated to supporting new fashion startups and designers.

Here are some fun questions Mabel answered from Brad's article, What Does the Fox Say?

FnJ: You mentioned Startup Mingle, which was recently criticized for being “everything wrong” with Silicon Valley and as contributing to sexism in the tech industry. Was this your experience or how did it differ?

FnJ: To dig a bit deeper, there are people that say that lingerie in general is demeaning and objectifying to women. I have also heard you say your customers are women “of agency”. Can you let us know what you mean by this and give some thoughts on the issue in general?

FnJ: You also have a fairly unique situation as coming from a background in e-commerce and now truly running a startup where “tech meets fashion”. How has that worked? Have you felt a tension there and has this combination helped or hurt the business?

FnJ: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for other female entrepreneurs looking to succeed in this interesting crossroads of industries?

» See more photos and read the full article at The Fashion InJunction.

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