Why Sheer is Better Than Going Nude

You’ve been hesitant about adding sheer to your drawer, you’re probably questioning why you’d buy something that does little to cover—why not just be naked you might ask? 

There a few pieces that can be as chic, stylish, and kinky as sheer lingerie — all at the same time. Here are 7 reasons why sheer lingerie is more enticing than going au natural

1. Point blank, it’s sexy af.

Pure Tentation Sheer Lingerie Set • Maison Close

The purpose of lingerie is to highlight the most beautiful parts of the female form. Think of sheer pieces as the picture frame of lingerie. They tell your lover exactly where to look...

2. Get perky

Sage Decision Kimono & Lingerie Set

See through lingerie offers the same perks as being nude, but all the perkiness that comes with lingerie. You don’t have to give up shape and support to bare it all, sheer lingerie can lift, shape, and hold everything right where its supposed to be, and yet it all seems so effortless. 

3. Comfort

Something that people typically overlook when considering sheer lingerie is the comfort, and surprise! See through panties will probably become your go to. It’s lightweight, breathable and super thin. It easily disappears under any clothing – and most likely you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. It’s especially perfect for hot and humid days... or hot and heavy situations 😉

4. Sheer is chic!

It’s one of the biggest trends right now in lingerie and seen all over the runway. Show that you’re not only a beast in the bedroom, but a fashion queen. 

5. Sheer is the future of bras

No one needs all that padding. Let your nipples peek out under shirts while your bra offers you just the right amount of support. It’s way comfier, and offers super easy access for those spur of the moment encounters...

6. Highlight your sexiest assets!

Like we said, sheer lingerie is the picture frame for the body. Pick your pieces wisely, and use them to showcase exactly where you want to draw attention too. When they see you in just your lingerie, they won’t be able to look away....you’ve hooked them in and let your lingerie do all the talking. 

7. Sheer is kinky!

You can’t help but dominate when your wearing bomb ass pieces. It’s like being naked...only hotter! You can experiment with colors, embroidery, and different styles and no one will be able to resist you.  So what are you waiting for... go out there and dominate.



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