Sensation Play & Erotic Surprises

Julie Matthews and Sativa Grace in the Barbara Bondage Set by Colette & Sebastian

Our lingerie models Darkest Vixens Julie Matthews & Sativa Grace in the Barbara Bondage Set by Colette & Sebastian • Photo by Jason Lee

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When divulging in kink and intercourse it involves much more then just the genitals – we have pleasure spots all over our body.

Sensation play and touch is the ideal way to get to know your lover’s physical turn-ons and erogenous zones. Deviously blindfolding your partner heightens the feeling of touch, allowing them to focus more acutely on the fantastic feelings you’re giving them.

Azalea Jeanette in the Exposé Halter Top

Azalea Jeanette in the Exposé Halter Top & the Mermaid Pure Silk Kimono belt from Rusalka Lingerie as a blindfold • Photo by Israel Perez

Cold, hot, smooth or rough – since your lover can’t see from the mask or blindfold, each sensation you present to them will seem as a surprise. They don’t know where you’re going to touch them next, or what it will feel like.

Why not try bringing some restraints into the equation to prevent your partner from doing anything to control the experience, this is compelling and provides a sense of short term power because you are allowing your lover to surrender completely to the sensations you choose to give them, taking them on a little pleasure trip entirely of your choosing.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Models Kristina Persephone and Sara Binde

Kristina Persephone wears the Jet Kitten Headband & Red Hot Bondage Set by Fräulein Kink
Sara Binde in the Nénette Rose Gold Headband by Fräulein Kink & Nadege Dress by Les P'tites Folies
Photo by Azalea Jeanette

Kristina Persephone in the Red Hot Lasso

With the right sex toys, it’s easy to spoil and tease your partner to heightened states of arousal – and, of course, to give fantastic sensations that aren’t just genital focused.

If you are the person getting all of the erotic sensation play, make it your lover’s choice to grant or deny you any further interactions.  If you want to take things further, block out your hearing, too, with ear plugs or even ear muffs. The experience will be all the more erotic.

Sensation play relies on erotic surprise, so even household objects and your existing play set can make great toys. Here are ten fun things you can do with items you probably already own.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Models Charlotte and Kitty Cattuzzo

Charlotte in the Beta Cat Mask & Julie Bodysuit by Patrice Catanzaro
Kitty Cattuzzo in the Loria Bra + G String Set by Patrice Catanzaro • Photo by Michael B Moore

1. Temperature Play

The initial shock and chill from an ice cube slowly dragged across the sensitive regions of our skin can be thrilling, especially if you vary it with something like the warmth of your breath.
Try drinking some warm tea or coffee and heating up your tongue, from here you can taste your lover’s erogenous zones, a warm tongue can feel fantastic for oral sex, you can then quickly change to an ice cube before getting back into the rhythm.

Look at using some cutlery in the kitchen such as a cold metal spoon, rub it along your lovers thigh or chill it in the freezer for a cold chilling surprise.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Models Michala Downs and Azalea Jeanette in silk slip dresses

Michala Downs wears the Bordeaux Red Silk Eye Mask & Silk Slip DressAzalea Jeanette in the Mermaid Black Silk Slip
100% Pure Silks by Rusalka Lingerie

2. Toys

If your partner is male, use a fake vagina to slowly work your partner’s penis while he is blindfolded.

3. Spanking Play

Use your hand to spank, scratch, pinch or even tickle. You can also use a crop or ruler to lightly spank your partner. Gently nibble, lick or blow on different areas, closely watching your partner’s reactions to see which places they like best.

@Guzzolinea in the Manon Bodysuit

@Guzzolinea in the Manon Bodysuit by Patrice Catanzaro
Photo by Tiny Glow Photo

4. Taste & Touch

Think about the aspect of taste and touch. Use a lemon in your partner’s mouth while seducing them with an ice cube. It will tantalize the mind to focus on two things at once while you also work on other erogenous zones with your hands or mouth.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model @Guzzolinea in the Acacia Bra + G-Sting Set

Margo McReynolds & @Guzzolinea in the Acacia Bra + G-String Set by Patrice Catanzaro • Photo by Haley Crumbley

5. Sound

Bring the effects of sound into the mix to heighten the experience. Pulsating high energy sound waves can increase your lover’s heart rate & pump adrenaline faster through their body.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model & Photographer • Azalea Jeanette

From a series of self portraits entitled Watercolor Boudoir by model & photographer Azalea Jeanette
Wearing Livinia Red Jacket + Skirt by Patrice CatanzaroController Sheer Top by Femme Fauna

6. Clothing Textures

Play with clothing of different textures. Dress in a latex outfit or PVC bikini to stimulate your partner's fantasy and visual stimulation.

Margo McReynolds in the Latex Halter Dress by Syren Latex & Tuxedo Harness by Fräulein Kink • Photo by Michael B. Moore

7. Pen or Pencil

Depending on the area you write on and the pressure you use, you can create any sensation from ticklish to teasingly arousing. They’ll be wondering what you’ve been using on them the whole time until the blindfold comes off.

Darkest Fox Lingerie Model Margo McReynolds • Photo by Ivan Duran

Margo McReynolds wears the Sweety Matte Black Catsuit by Patrice Catanzaro
Photo by Ivan Duran

8. Nipple Clamps

Popularized by Fifty Shades of Grey, nipple play with nipple clamps give you a continuous rush of pleasure that you’ll love if you like your nipples being pinched.

The pressure from clamps and nipple tweezers can be adjusted to a setting that is as hard or as soft as you would like it. Try a set of clamps with a few variations on settings, some may include metal sliders that allow you to easily maneuver the amount of pinch. Some clamps have rubber tipped ends, too, so they won’t dig into your skin.

Fräulein Kink • Jet Leather Set

Jet Kitten HeadbandJet CollarJet Playsuit & Jet Chain Pasties by Fräulein Kink

9. Satin / Tulle Gloves

Sometimes simple sensations are the sexiest and leave a lasting memory in our minds, like blindfolding your lover and stroking them all over with satin gloves. Contrasting the feel of leather with the smooth sensation of satin feels divine. For a twist on a classic, try giving a hand job while wearing gloves, the reaction you will get will be quite surprising.

Fräulein Kink Tulle Handcuff Gloves

Tulle Glove Handcuffs & Chloé Leather Crop by Fräulein Kink

10. Wax

The sting from some hot wax when it hits the skin can be an extreme turn on, the wax will then slowly cool and you drop some sparingly on your partner’s next erogenous zone. The sensation was a fine line between pain and pleasure – it will feel incredible! The most exciting thing can be the anticipation, as you hold the candle over your partner and wait for the wax to hit their skin.

You can start the night with a romantic candle lit dinner use some strawberries and champagne, chocolate and vanilla and make create the perfect sensual atmosphere. From here you can get creative about how you bring the candles into the equation of seduction and sexy lingerie.

Candles by Sean Sato

Red lingerie goes well in candlelight • Photo by Sean Sato

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