6 Best Vegan Festivals Across the Globe and the Only Vegan Strip Club In The World

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{ By Bella Furtick from veganliftz.com, a news, analysis, and opinion platform for the vegan diet and vegan fitness. }

Veganism has been widely adopted across the globe and it has become a lifestyle that more and more people choose. With its popularity and population rising, there is no denying that more vegan-friendly establishments such as restaurants are put up and more vegan products like food and clothing are produced. 

Vegan Festivals around the world have become quite popular as well and there are even a vegan strip club and the only one of its kind. What are the best vegan festivals and what is this vegan strip club?


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Vegan Festivals In The World You Should Not Miss

Various Vegan Festivals are held throughout the year on the different parts of the world that vegans from all the corners of the Earth can go to and enjoy. Here are some of the biggest and best Vegan Festivals in the world:

World Vegan Day (Melbourne, Australia)

Going on for 17 years, World Vegan Day in Melbourne, Australia is one of the most popular Vegan Festivals in the country. The entirety of the event is organized by volunteers who always aim to make the event the best one in Australia every year.

There is no entrance fee for the festival and it is a one-day event only. In the 2019 World Vegan Day, the organizers and the attendees made the event as a chance for them to spread awareness about climate change through a huge rally.

Vegan Foodie Festival (Amsterdam)

Another excuse you can make to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Amsterdam, is its Vegan Foodie Festival. The three-day event doesn’t just offer a variety of vegan-friendly food, but it is also filled with a lot of entertainment. 

It is also a good place for you to learn more about veganism and the advantages it offers to the world. While attending the festival, you can get yourself pretty much occupied by joining workshops and more.

Some of them enter into various competitions, or just simply enjoy the wonderful music. There is no admission fee for the event and it is open for everyone of all ages.

World Veg Festival (San Francisco, USA)

Founded in 1988 to make the most of the World Vegetarian Day, the World Veg Festival held in San Francisco, California. This is celebrated every year known as one of the best Vegan Festivals in the World and the top of the list in the United States. 

With its long history, this big event is not just a great place to indulge in vegan-friendly food. It is also where you can gather quite useful information about the world of vegetarians and vegans as knowledgeable people provide lectures to the attendees. 

There are cooking demos and classes in the event if you are interested. During these sessions, you will learn how to make your delicious vegan meals and treats.

Vegan Gourmet Festival (Kyoto, Japan)

Originally started in Nagoya, Japan in 2011, the country’s Vegan Gourmet Festival has spread rapidly. It ranges from Kyoto, Japan in 2015 and Tokyo, Japan as well in 2016. Japanese and tourists come together to celebrate this wondrous event.

The Kyoto Festival is held near the Kyoto Station just in Umekoji Park, typically in November. This event becomes too crowded, though, so it would be best to be early at the location if you are interested in going.

Eat Drink Vegan (USA)

Known today as the “Vegan Coachella,” Eat Drink Vegan Festival has evolved massively since it was launched in 2009. Initially, the event was only held at a parking lot, but now it has evolved. 

It has moved to the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. Nowadays, it is filled with hundreds of vegan vendors and beverage companies promoting their vegan-friendly products.

VegFestUK (United Kingdom)

The VegFestUK takes place in different venues across the UK. The one in London is held at Olympia London which is popularly known for hosting some of the UK’s biggest stalls events. The event was able to bring together various vegan-friendly companies from food to clothing lines to cosmetics. 

Since veganism has a high rate in London compared to other places in the world, the VegFestUK continues to evolve. Thus, over the years, it has organized more than forty vegan festivals around the UK. 

Vegan drinks are among the vegan-friendly food served during Vegan Festivals. From the Food + Lingerie Addict lookbook • Model is wearing the Kharis Colette Sheer Lingerie Set • Photo by New York fashion photographer Crystal Cox

The One and The Only Vegan Strip Club In The World

“Vixens, not veal. Sizzle, not the steak. We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.” This “one-of-a-kind” motto that the Vegan strip club lives on. With the sign that reads “NUDE DANCERS” to meet you outside establishment, it is a blunt warning that the place is indeed for adults only. 

How it all started?

But what separates this specific strip club from all others? It is the fact that it is the world’s one and only “Vegan” strip club. Sitting on the outskirts of the luscious forests of Northwest Portland, the said vegan strip club is owned by a vegan himself, Johnny Diablo Zukle.

It was said that he was enlightened with the “abundant” vegan population in Portland. It leads him to open up a vegan restaurant in the city. The world’s only vegan strip club now stands on the spot where the restaurant once was. 

How it was raved by more and more customers?

What inspired Zukle to put up this vegan-friendly strip club? It was a tactical move that he needed to do to get customers to enter his establishment. With a vegan restaurant, blue-collar workers near him are not exactly into the idea of eating non-meat meals and leaves the restaurant immediately after seeing the menu. 

The business wasn’t going well for Zukle and so he needed to do something to save his business and then an idea popped in his mind. “Sex Sells!” as the old saying expressed, and so he opened up the world’s first and only vegan strip club, the Casa Diablo. 

Its Impact

The move was even favorable for Zukle as Portland is also “home to more strip clubs per capita” than any other place in the United States. With the success of Casa Diablo, Zukle opened his second location in 2008, namely, “Dusk ‘Till Dawn: Casa Diablo II” in the Southeast of Portland.

Casa Diablo, as a vegan strip club, only serves vegan-friendly meals to its customers, and to keep in line with its vegan principles, the club strictly prohibits its dancers to wear any leather, fur, wool, and feathers when they perform.

Being vegan is not only good for your health and body but it is only one way of protecting the animals and saving them.

Strip Clubs And Lingeries

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